A downloadable game for Windows

This is a demo only.  You get to try one level from the single player and one level from the survival mode.

Experience Halloween Horror. You go out with your friends, trick or treating, entering haunted attractions, as you make your way to the big party, but this year's holiday of the afterlife brings something sinister.

Full Game is Released on Steam Steam

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Looks pretty good so far.  the voice acting is a bit silly tho xD

I loved the spooky vibe and all but it kept crashing a few times don't know why. But I still enjoyed it and hope you like my gameplay video! (Likes and subs are much appreciated)

Everything looked good, but my experience wasn’t so hot. I loved the atmosphere; kind of like a small town celebrating Halloween, but with something real going on under the town’s nose. 

But the game crashed early on; I refused to read any documents after that point. Voice overs and sound effects were all running over one another, and events were happening at every moment, sometimes without context. 

Thanks for playing.  Looks like you had a good time, you went through the game pretty quick, most things you keep missing.  If you try to play a little slower you should be able to see what is going on, maybe we should slow down the player, we will see if this persists with other players and change the character speed. Thanks for your input. 

Head over to our discord to get a chance for a free copy of the game. Link in game info.

Raw Shotgun Power & Scary As Hell !!!! This Game Rocks !!!

Thanks, the mama is actually a ghost, so cannot be killed.  The spirit is trapped in the house on Halloween. Glad you liked the game.  Check our discord for a chance to win free copy

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looks gd will try thanks

Great, let me know what you think.


The game is very good

thank you, glad you enjoyed.  Head over to our discord for a chance to win free copy.

Great game gonna get the full game!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game, looks like we have a lot of Halloween lovers.
Head over to our Discord channel for a chance to win a free copy.


This game threw so much at me all at once that I didn't even have time to process how scared I was. I enjoyed this a lot! 


Thanks for playing.   Glad you enjoyed the game. Check our Discord for chance to win a free copy of full game.  Full game is out on steam.

this was a really good game can’t wait for the full version please check out my play through 

Thanks for playing our Halloween game.  The shotgun is unlimited, just press R to reload and wait for the gun to auto reload all bullets.

The full game is out on steam, head over to our discord to get a chance to win a free copy.

I just played this game and really enjoyed it it made me jump and had me on edge so I think I'm going to buy the full game. Here's my playthrough:

enjoy 😎👍

Thanks for the comments, glad you got scared.  Head over to our discord,  link is in the information section to get a chance to win the full game.

just played it and  made a hilarious video too i swear  you'll laugh  and love it check it out

new viddd

Thanks, i will check it out on Halloween.  Glad you had a good time with the game.

Hey I bought the full version on steam and played. It was fun!


 It was really cheesy which I liked. The props were busy and environment was very interactive. It is a really good length for a bunch of mini adventures. Graphics are great! Love the large variety of monsters. Checkpoints and quests markers are very helpful. Good mix of silly props and unexpected jump scares.


There were a few glitches, such getting stuck reading newspaper, followers disappearing, etc. (Nothing too game breaking) There were also quite a few grammatical errors. The sounds are somewhat unbalanced to me. Like the gun sounds should overpower owl noises. The story is a bit discombobulated, I would maybe add cutscenes to tie each chapters together?

Overall, fun to play! Thanks for making a great Halloween game!

Thanks for purchasing the game.  we will look into the issues you mention.  I'm glad you enjoyed the game.  I will watch your YouTube video on Halloween :)


Thanks for the double thumbs up.  Chance to get our game free at our discord channel. https://discord.com/invite/x7jmKzk

I enjoyed the Demo. I personally didn't find the jumpscares all that scary but I enjoyed it overall.

Thanks for your input, the jump scares you talk, do you mean the animation Halloween props. Yes they are more for decoration then jump-scares.  Thanks for playing,  check our discord to see how to win a free copy.  I will check your you tube video on halloween :)


Thanks for the Thumbs up, Happy halloween 2020

This was extremely Spooky 🎃 please keep me in the loop for full release! I HAVE to check it out! 

I hope you enjoy my video!!! 

I will check your video along with all others near Halloween.  Thanks for the comment.  The Full game is already out on steam.    


Horror, ghost, shotgun, I like it

Thanks for the like, the full game offers 9 single player maps and 8 survival maps if i can remember.  I will check your video out. 

Full version of Sinister Halloween is on steam.  We have a contest going on right now at our discord server, you have a chance to win a Sinister Halloween free copy and DLC's.


Really cool. I cant wait to see more.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.  Full version is on steam. Will check your you tube video.

Scary Game. :)

Thanks, we tried to make it has scary as we can with the Halloween theme.  

Yes :) 

Loved the short campaign demo. I'll definitely keep an eye out for full release of this game.

Thanks, The full release of this game is available on steam, We managed to finally upload a demo on itch.io

shoot it's already out! Nice


Head over to our discord and get a chance to win the full game

Thanks, the full game is out.  Head over to our discord page for a chance to win the game.

Awesome! That was so good! Cant wait for the full release!!


Thanks, glad you enjoy Halloween as much as i do.  The full version is already on steam.  Will check everyone's lets plays on Halloween:)


I love the cheesy scares and the halloween vibe. The survival mode was the best part!

Here is my video:

What did you enjoy about the survival mode, more enemies, less cheesy scares?  Thanks glad you enjoyed the game

GOOD CREEPY  ... version ps4?

No ps4 version yet, maybe next year if everything goes great. Glad we could get those creepy feelings out :)


Loved the amount of detail in this game and the sound was perfect. Only issue i had was trying to read those damn notes while the text kept fading haha apart from that i loved it thanks dev!


Thanks for the details, glad you like the game.  We know about the notes, they are suppose to highlight when picked up so you dont need to use a flashlight, but we having some issues. Its already on our fix list.  

Pretty cool demo. I love how everything looks. That slaughter house in survival mode is pretty sweet. Thanks!


Thanks, you must love Halloween as much as we do.  Slaughter house is a great map.